“Having a Martha Home the Mary Way,” by Sarah Mae

I recently had the chance to read Having a Martha Home the Mary Way, by Sarah Mae. This nonfiction book will be published on March 15, 2016, by Tyndale House.

About this book (from the back cover):

Get your home and your heart in order in just 31 days!
Sarah Mae wants to let you in on a little secret about being a good homemaker: It’s not about having a clean house. She’d never claim to be a natural, organized cleaner herself―yet, like you, she wants a beautiful space to call home, a place where people feel loved and at peace. Where people can really settle in with good food, comfy pillows, and wide-open hearts.
Is it possible to find a balance? To care for your heart―and your home―at the same time?
Journey with Sarah Mae on this easy, practical 31-day plan to get you moving and have your house looking and feeling fresh. But even more than that, you’ll gain a new vision for the home of your dreams, and how to make it a place of peace, comfort, and community. Originally published as the e-book 31 Days to Clean and now revised and expanded in print for the first time, Having a Martha Home the Mary Way will inspire you to find a happier, healthier . . . cleaner way to live.

Final Verdict:

I found this book to be so refreshing and inspiring to me as a wife and mother, especially as someone who DESPISES to clean! I really felt that Sarah Mae’s story resonated with me, as it’s pretty much the same story as mine. I went ahead and read through the whole book without committing to clean anything. I wanted to see how I felt about her plan. I was not looking for anything that felt condemning or legalistic. I also wasn’t looking for anything that went against the policy of “scruffy hospitality” that my husband and I have adopted, which basically means opening up our home to anyone who is seeking fellowship regardless of whether it’s clean or not. I was so pleased to discover that this book is not condemning, and would completely align with the idea of scruffy hospitality, while nudging me toward eventually getting things a bit tidier, bit by bit, not to please anyone else, but simply as a gift of sanity to the people in my family that God is urging me to love. I love that the author encourages women to show ourselves grace, especially in certain seasons of life. For example, I have a small baby who doesn’t sleep, so when I begin Sarah’s plan, it will probably look like “62 days to clean.” I found the cleaning schedule to be doable, and the “Mary” section (Bible study) to be very soul-nurturing. The most important takeaway from this book to me, is the idea that a clean home can be a way of serving God, not because I will be striving to live up to other people’s ideals (or imagined Godly requirements) but rather, as a way to offer a home that can be used for His service; while “scruffy hospitality” is great, it’s important to make sure that folks have a place to sit, which is hard when the sofa is completely covered in laundry! Fantastic book – highly recommended!

 If you’d like to check out “Having a Martha Home the Mary Way,” it is currently available for preorder for $10.83 for the Kindle version. If you prefer a physical copy the paperback version is currently on sale for $11.40. Remember, Amazon’s prices can change at any time.
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