National Bubble Week March 8-14

March 11, 2015



Kids have been playing around with bubbles since the 17th century, and year after year bubbles are one of the top selling toys with millions of bottles sold.  Despite what the thermometer says for many in the country, spring is just around the corner, and National Bubble Week (March 8th-14th) has already burst onto our calendars, and the folks at Funrise Toys celebrate in a big way with their Gazillion Bubbles brand.  So let’s all celebrate bubble season!


Premiere bubble-maker, Funrise Toys makes Gazillion Bubbles, which can be found at all major retailers nationwide.  Gazillion Bubbles are rumored to be the biggest, brightest and most colorful bubbles on the market.  And you can ramp it up with their awesome bubble toys and accessories like the Gazillion Bubble Monsoon (SRP: $24.99), the Gazillion Bump & Go Bubble Car (SRP: $19.99), and the Gazillion Bubble Hurricane (SRP: $16.99), all avail-able at Toys R’ Us.


The Bubble Snake:  Cut the bottom off of a plastic bottle. Slip a sock over the cut end of the bottle. (If you like, you can secure it with a rubber band.) Squirt dish-washing liquid into a bowl or plate. Pour some Gazillion Bubbles solution onto a plate. Dip the sock end of the bottle into the solution. Blow through the mouth of the bottle to make a bubble snake! Want to make a bubble rainbow? Stripe the sock with food coloring and repeat the trick!

The Unpoppable Bubble: Put a container lid on the table, face up. Pour in your bubble solution (Gazillion Bubbles have the reputation of being the strongest on the market), and dip in a straw so that it’s wet half-way up the straw. Touch the straw to the lid and blow a bubble on the lid.  Slowly pull the straw all the way out of the bubble. Now, poke the scissors through the wall of your bubble. What happens?

The Square Bubble:  Take four pipe cleaners and form them into a square with a wand. Dip the wand in your bubble solution and see what happens!



How a Bubble Gets Its Color: As waves of light pass through the bubble, it gets distorted by reflecting off different layers of soap film called iridescence. (Gazillion Bubbles are known to have the most colorful and beautiful bubbles available.)

Can You Freeze a Bubble? A bubble’s shell is composed of a layer of water molecules surrounded by two thin layers of soap. Technically, a bubble will freeze below 32 degrees Fahrenheit like all water. The only problem is that bubbles tend to burst after a few seconds, so in order to truly see a bubble freeze, the temperature needs to fall to about 23 degrees for bubble staying power.

Why Do Bubbles Burst?  Anything that fractures the tenuous layer of water molecules can cause a bubble to burst. For example, a gust of wind or an object(like your finger) will easily cause a bubble to burst. Bubbles also burst by simply drying out. Moisture within a bubble causes the molecules to draw closer together enabling the bubble to stay formed for a longer period of time. This is why bubbles tend to work best in high humidity environments.

Essentially, bubbles are loved the world over by people of all ages. My suggestion: start BUBBLE SEASON right, and pop into a store today to stock up. And don’t forget to share your bubble memories and enter the annual Gazillion Bubbles annual photo contest with prizes monthly March 1st to August 30th, 2015 by visiting their Facebook page here.

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