What are SavingStar e-coupons and why should you use them?

October 18, 2011

When SavingStar e-coupons first came out, I did not embrace them as many people did. I’ll tell you why in a minute. However, I’ve come around, and now think they’re worth your while. I want to tell you how they work and why you might want to start using them, even though I personally don’t.

Why don’t I use them?

From the dawn of time, I’ve been participating in the Upromise program. You can read all about it here, but basically it’s a way to save, little by little, for your children’s college tuition, or for the college tuition of a loved one. Maybe even yourself! When I first started participating (oh, and it’s free, by the way) I was putting the little I saved here and there toward paying back some of my brother’s student loans. Then, when I had children, I started saving for their college funds.

One of the ways you can save with the Upromise program is by loading e-coupons onto your frequent shopper cards at Kroger, Food Lion, CVS and more. When you purchase the item for which you have a coupon, the coupon amount gets deposited into your Upromise fund. I load these coupons every month.

When I first heard about the SavingStar program, I was excited! Another e-coupon program! Right?

Wrong. It’s the exact same program. As in, once you’ve loaded the e-coupons within your Upromise account, and you log in to your SavingStar account, you’ll get a message that you’ve already loaded all available e-coupons. So, you’ve got to pick one or the other.

I’m sticking with the Upromise e-coupons, as we are heavily invested in saving for college at this point. However, for many of you this is not something you’re ready to do, and you just want your money back from your e-coupons as soon as possible.

That’s when using SavingStar makes sense. Once you’ve redeemed $5 in e-coupons you can cash out via PayPal, Amazon gift cards etc. With Upromise I don’t think you can cash out. The money in your Upromise fund has to be used for college.

Either one is great in that you can combine the e-coupon savings with paper coupons at the register to save even more! (This works since the e-coupons don’t come off at the register, rather, they’re deposited into your program account after you’ve made the purchase.)

So, for many of you, signing up for a free SavingStar account is a really good option right now. Whether you use Upromise or SavingStar, there are some really good e-coupons avavilable right now that you’ll want to load. The $2 Huggies slip-on coupon alone makes it worth your while.

Make sense? Which do you use, Upromise or SavingStar? Or both?

Here are a few of the SavingStar/Upromise e-coupons available:

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