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McAlister’s tea tumbler promotion, plus Free Tea Day July 28

McAlister’s Deli has a promotion right now where, if you buy one of their plastic tumblers for $6.99 (hard plastic, not like the regular plastic tea cups) then you can receive $0.99 tea refills for the rest of 2011. If you drink a lot of McAlister’s tea then you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this deal.

Plus, mark your calendar for Free Tea Day at McAlister’s, which will be on July 28.

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Tuesday freebie from Vistaprint: personalized stickers

Vistaprint is offering a new freebie every day this week, and today it’s personalized stickers. They’re suggesting getting these for your kids who are heading to camp, but they would be also great for labeling items for preschool or back-to-school! Like yesterday’s offer, you do pay shipping, which is a little over $4, but that’s still a good deal for personalized items. Check out the designs they have to offer here, and remember, this offer ends at midnight!

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Another couple of lists: stock-up prices, sales cycles, coupon binder dividers

Here are some great lists to print as you seek to educate yourself about couponing. Rebecca Davidson has a list of sales cycles available, which can change by region, but is still good information. She also has a printable stock-up price list available, as well as printable coupon binder dividers (her binder has a lot more categories than mine, which will appeal to some of you).

Thanks, Rebecca Davidson Extreme Couponing!

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Free shirt from Vistaprint, today only: for your child at camp, or anyone, really

Vistaprint will be running a deal a day this week, and I’ll share them with you here. Today’s deal is a free custom t-shirt (just pay shipping, which is a little over $4). They’re targeting this to parents who are sending gifts to their child at camp, but really, it’s for anyone who wants a free custom t-shirt.

If you want a laugh, ask me sometime about my husband’s free custom t-shirt he ordered through Vistaprint. Let’s just say someone was in a hurry and forgot to use spell check…

Here’s what my free t-shirt from Vistaprint looks like.

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Fandango deal back on 2 movie tickets for $12

The Fandango deal is back on BuyWithMe! Here’s how to get 2 movie tickets for $12 total.

1. Go here to sign up for a free account with BuyWithMe. (Look for the words “sign up” in the top right corner.) I’ve heard that once you purchase a deal you’ll get $5 to spend on your next deal, but haven’t confirmed that. BuyWithMe is a daily deal site that’s kind of like Groupon.

2. Once you’ve done that, come back here and click on this link to buy the Fandango deal. Even though it says Houston, this deal is good anywhere.

3. Proceed through till you’ve bought the deal. Should be self-explanatory from there. Leave a comment if you have a question!

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This month’s Thrifty Christy article in the Blount Today: Organizing Coupons

Sorry I’m a little late in posting, but here’s my article in the current Blount Today, which will still be available on newsstands until the new edition comes out on Thursday. You can also read my article online at Blount Moms Today.


To Have and to Hold; or, A Brief History of My Love Affair with Coupon Organization.

You can’t use coupons without having some way of organizing them.

Or, I should say, you won’t use them.

After you’ve conquered the world of e-coupons, as I’ve written about previously, it’s time to move on to the traditional paper coupon. Most people dive right in and start clipping, but I’ve come to realize that if you don’t have a way of organizing our coupons, you’ll get burnt out very easily and may abandon couponing altogether. Picture piles of cut coupons sitting on your counter, stashed in your purse or wallet, and generally making a nuisance of themselves, and you get an idea of the chaos that can develop. It may sound obvious, but if you can’t find the coupons you need when you need them, you won’t use them.

For me, coupon organization has been an ongoing process. When I first started couponing I had the idea to use a photo album to organize my coupons by category. That actually worked pretty well, but coupons kept expiring and I would forget to pull them out. Then the photo windows started tearing, and I realized this method wouldn’t stand up to heavy coupon use.

I decided to switch to the binder method of coupon organization that many people use. I bought a 5” heavy-duty binder and cut out every coupon in the Sunday newspaper inserts, then filed them in baseball card holders. This method looks really nice and works well in the store, but I found I just didn’t have time to cut all those coupons. This may be just the method for those of you who require less sleep than I do, especially if you get pleasure from the act of clipping. I don’t.

So, what I’m doing now is this: I’m using the insert method of organization. Every Sunday I take the inserts from the paper, write the date on the front, and file them in a large decorative envelope. Then, I put the envelope in my coupon tote bag. I still use my coupon binder, but now it’s for organizing coupons that are not part of an insert: ones that come in the mail or in magazines, peelies (coupons on product packaging), blinkies (coupons from the little machines in the store), ones people give me that are already cut, and so on.

How do I use the inserts? Well, I’ll write more next month about the proper way to follow coupon blogs to match coupons to sales, but here’s the short version: when the websites and blogs I follow post coupon matchups, they’ll reference the insert where the desired coupon can be found. For example, when I see a matchup involves a $0.50/1 Duracell coupon from the 5/28 PG, I will find the Proctor & Gamble insert from May 28, clip that coupon, and take it to the store.

It’s not a perfect method. Sometimes I’m in a store and see a great deal on an item, and I wonder if I have a coupon. If there’s wireless available, I can get out my phone and pull up one of the databases found on many coupon blogs, which is why I carry my insert envelope with me. If there’s no wireless, and I don’t have a loose coupon in my binder, I don’t spend the time to flip through each insert. That’s a whole new level of crazy that I haven’t reached yet.

So, that’s what I’m doing now. It’s subject to change at any time. What coupon organization methods are working for you? Let me know at or

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Specials at The Market June 27 – July 2


Here are this week’s specials from The Market in Maryville:

Monday June 27th – 50% off frozen seafood, chicken, bison, and fresh pork chops, and  25% off fresh ground beef. 
Tuesday June 28th – $1.99 crab cakes, 50% off frozen bison and pork,  $2.00 off fresh salmon,  50% off grass fed beef roasts.
Wednesday June 29th – $1.00 off crab stuffed portabellas, $2.00/lb off flank steak, $1.00 off Amish deli meats, $1.00 off meals-to-go from the case
Thursday June 30th – $1.00 off seafood dips and spreads, $1.00 off beef and chicken tamales,  $2.00 off per/lb fresh tuna steaks
Friday July 1st – $1.00 off Bone Suckin’ BBQ sauce
Saturday July 2nd – $1.00 off Cerith Valley gourmet condiments (makers of an amazing raspberry wasabi mustard)

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Free printable grocery list template

Here’s a really cute printable grocery list template from (Not Quite) Susie Homemaker. I’m a visual person so I really love the way she organizes this list!

Thanks, (Not Quite) Susie Homemaker!

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Ball Canning House Party plus free things via Facebook

I was super excited to be chosen for a Ball Canning House Party! (To learn more about House Party see my previous post here.) I think I was chosen because I’ve never canned anything in my whole life, and they were looking for newbies. I received a number of cool things to give to my party guests, and I’m going to do a giveaway on the blog next week too! I’ll share my canning results, but since this is so new to me, it may not be pretty.

Anyway, until then, I thought I’d let you know that Ball Canning is giving away various freebies on their Facebook page.  Every day is something different, but there have been between up to 100 winners each day. The prizes have been things like salsa mix and fruit pectin given out at random times during the day. So, if that interests you, follow the Ball Canning Facebook page and watch for announcements regarding freebies!

Have you canned anything before? Are you a seasoned pro, or a newbie like me?

*Please read about my Sunday posting policy.

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CVS and Walgreens deals June 26 – July 2

Here are this week’s CVS deals from Time2SaveWorkshops.

Here are this week’s Walgreens deals from Wild For Wags.

*Please read about my Sunday posting policy.

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